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Flowery Headpieces


Let there be Light!

"Create luminous headdresses, with stellar flowers and small suns: headdresses that emit incandescent rays and shake the wind with their presence."

To this order, the angels of the plants came and wove the first textile buds, that when sprouting from the dark depths of the water, captured the dark tint.

Feeling the desire of reaching the light to absorb it, they grew more and more, excelling the dimension of their mantles.

Everything flourished and lived.

"Let’s create flowers from the star’s light" Then the angels took the light of the stars and sowed it into the tissues. Sprouted crystalline leaves, sparkling buds, which would become dazzling flowers with bright petals, and also opaque. A perfect fusion of textures between the dark and the gleaming.

And so the angels of the plants created living creepers, radiant leaves and flowers woven on those clothed with the word of God.