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Introducing Sparkling Bridalwear


 Then it was as if the worlds of heaven arose.

A heavenly feeling of white headdresses!

A world of purity, as announced to our longing soul, when we see mortals dressed in white, irradiating joy is their act.

Filling all the heavens, sprouting, growing the life in a superior plane, they bloom from paradise.

White headdresses, songs of praise similar to the sound of the harp, paradisiacal life without death, that's their world!

Weaving in the element of a being of serene, subtle wisdom that permeates everything.

It was as if the whole sky was transformed into a song. The whole sky shone with joy.

Somewhere, from some hidden source emanated healing force, so pure and so strong that it purified the lung and sanctified the heartbeat. And that healing force was pure divine goodness.

When everything was dressfully, it was revealed ...