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Special Editions

Gathering Nikole's customized editions tailored for special occasions 

Magic is the kiss between the invisible and the visible (or material) world. We, the artisans are the magicians who found the way to bring this Astral aspect through the antennas of the soul, our hands.

The real craftsman, the one who explores through an attitude of alert receptivity, discovers synchronicity where hands and heart are connected. This is how the development process of a piece transforms into a conversation with the Universe.

The soul managed to create this deep connection between its heart and hands.

This form of creation does not use logic, and therefore, does not have to be logical, there are no boundaries, creativity flows to infinity, beyond the stars, and everything is possible.

When the authenticity of a piece is true and strong enough to make this impact in you; the real value of the handmade is recognised. Artisans get merged into the creation while enjoying the minimum detail of the making, they are transferring their vital energy to the invention. 

Being aware of the energy the piece emanates is what charms its future owner.

This is how Special Edition pieces come to life and their own story begins…

Otherworldly Headpieces