The Journey behind the Hands

Constantly allowing herself to play with art and its infinite forms of expression, Nikole has manifested her aesthetics through diverse creative mediums: from fashion to theatre, film, make-up, photography, art direction and set design. 
Nikole found through millinery a fusion of these multi-dimensions. Captivated by how boundaries disappeared when it came to shapes, materials or volumes, she began a journey where artisanal and innovation intertwine to reveal the authentic uniqueness of the handwork.
Before moving to London in April 2019, Nikole was living in Argentina, where she is originally from. After the experience of having her own clothing store and workshop in Buenos Aires, Nikole found herself the opportunity to expand her own frontiers and enter the fabulous world of the Teatro Colón Opera House.
Teatro Colon Nikole Tursi Ballet Swan Lake
After two years of acquiring true costume wisdom and the secrets behind the scenes, Nikole felt the urge to accomplish a greater destiny. The theatre became her trampoline for new adventures. 
She said goodbye to Buenos Aires in the best possible way, being part of REINOS exhibition by Cabinet Oseo in the Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo (MNAD) Nikole had the pleasure to be welcomed to Celina Saubidet and Marina Morinelli Wells vision with her garments.
Nikole was awarded by The Comité Colbert (France), UNESCO, the Federal System of Public Media and Content, and the Argentine Handicraft Program of the Vice Presidency with the first prize ‘Comité Colbert Argentina’ in recognition and support of UNESCO for the craft activity. This celebration took place in June 2019 at the UNESCO Observatory Villa Ocampo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Nikole Tursi, Comite Colbert UNESCO Award
The Colbert distinction, in addition to monetary compensation, included a week in Paris with a full programme where she was introduced to their luxury members bonded to my practice; from Chanel Métiers d’Art (Maison Michel, Lognon & Massaro), Dior Heritage, Opéra National de Paris and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. The recognition also promoted a documentary produced by the Encuentro Channel of Argentina. These series ‘Mi Oficio, Mi Historia’ broadcast the life and stories of the contest’s finalists; aiming to enhance and sensitize on the artisan crafts of excellence in Argentina.
Since arriving in London, Nikole found her way to do work experience at the Royal Opera House and began working at Burberry as a freelancer, giving her the flexibility to keep focused on her business as well as growing her experience, participating in the fashion week preps and conceding Nikole the honour of having pieces made by my hands to be worn by worldwide VIP personalities and celebrities such as Rosalía, Marina Abramović, Beyonce, Irina Shayk and Billie Eilish, among others.
At the beginning of this year,  Nikole was selected by the Crafts Council as one of their talents to join Hothouse 2020, a creative business development programme that supports artists to grow as a business.
After having the opportunity to appreciate from close the work of some of the best artisans of the world in action, Nikole’s burning desire to fight for the craftsmanship to receive its proper glory got emphasised. This privileged access to master-craftsmen, historical archives and long valued artisanal techniques has not only enriched her work and allowed her to develop immeasurable new ideas and knowledge for her future professional career in wearable art, but also grew in Nikole the necessity to inspire and show the value of craft in our history, culture, today and how it will appear to us in our future world.
This Journey has just began...