Treasuring Your Pieces

How to care for Your Hats & Headdresses


If you are acquiring a headpiece from Nikole for the first time, you may wonder how to care for it.
Headwear requires special care, to ensure long life to your hats, here are some tips on how to care for your new treasures! 

Proper handling will extend the life of your hat.

Although handling guidance may vary depending on the model, what should be held across all types of headwear is delicacy and love at the moment of wearing it and especially when storing. A felt hat has different care instructions from a flower headdress or a cap.

Unless you obtained a waterproof piece, avoid rain like the plague! Do not get your headpieces wet. Water can provoke swell, bending or distortion over diverse materials Nikole manipulates for hat-making and millinery. 



If you have a hat stand, resting the hat or headpiece on one of those is appropriate, since its also adding some sparkle to the atmosphere!

The ideal way of maintaining impeccable your headpiece over time is by storing it in a box. Either for short or long-term storage of hats and fascinators, the box should be stored in a cool dry place. Not only do they help to keep your hat free from dust and dirt, but they also help protect the colour from fading in the sun. Hats should be stored supported on a bed of tissue paper. Feathers, flowers and veils should also be propped up using tissue paper to make sure they keep their shape.

The exposure to prolonged heat and moisture might affect the colour and distort the shape of the piece. This is why resting your pieces under sunlight is not recommended.


With delicate handling and care, a quality headpiece will remain a piece of art and source of pride in any collection or on any head for years to come.
If you have further enquires regarding the care of a particular piece, or questions about which materials are best and worst for the weather, get in touch to for further details.