The Hands have a precious and spiritual life. They have their own eyes, and a soul. They are determined, virtuous and refined. They have the innate taste of beauty and the power to transform the ordinary into Sublime.

An Artisan in the purest sense of the word.

Nikole Tursi is an Argentine artist based in London. Giving in her passion and life to art, she magnificently distinguishes herself from others by searching for beauty from a unique and creative place, remaining the sense of elegance.
She plays with different types of universes through a mastery of materials, creating expressive shapes allowing her to combine them with techniques resulting in sculptural pieces.
Her level of dedication, as well as her love for the art of designing, is clearly reflected in her pieces, which never seem to go unnoticed. As a result, she was given a position at the Teatro Colón Opera House in Argentina, one of the most important opera houses of the world.

At the moment Nikole decided that the Teatro Colón would become her trampoline; she opened up to new adventures. That’s how today, less than a year of moving to London, she already made her way to the Royal Opera House and works for fashion houses as a free-lancer such as Burberry.

In mid-2019 Nikole was awarded by UNESCO and Comité Colbert (France) with the first prize in The Colbert Award Argentina. Earlier this year, she was selected by the Crafts Council as one of their Talents and will be participating in the Hothouse 2020, a creative business development programme where she is supported to grow as a business.

Nikole defines herself as an Artisan, giving rise to the artist’s own belief that the the gifted are her hands, she is fascinated by the way they always surprise her. Letting them be free, she embraces the unexpected techniques and development processes. ‘Your Hands know things that your mind doesn’t.’ : This is her Essence, she has blind faith for the power of her hands while she enters the creative process.

Every single piece is created with the uttermost precise attention to detail, and as a timeless object resulting in a unique species and identity. Growing the form through experimenting with uncommon elements, later to be fused with contrasting fabrics. Her work grows almost like a mutation; molded and transformed into an exceptional piece of art. Her studio is daily transformed into a lab while she experiments from the choice of unusual materials, she works the elements with both new and old tools and techniques, giving shape to her pieces and joining them with manual methods, until reaching those hypnotic textures, forming volumes and building structures.

The final object comes alive with vibrant energy, everything is created to be the favourites in the dressing room of each person who acquires them. Nikole’s client is the one who knows how to admire this passion and love behind each piece.

A subtle manifesto that urges beauty to be infused more into the everyday.

Discovering that the description of her work adapts in harmony with the legend of ‘Slow Fashion', Nikole visualises a world where people choose to dress with wearable art. Beginning in the headpiece, to the dress, shoes, or accessories. She designes and moulds the impeccable match.

Precious few, but long-lasting garments of noble roots and exquisite cuts.

The proposal of slow fashion fights against the accumulation of clothes in the closet and defends the option of timeless collections. These core values synchronises with Nikole’s vision and will to innovate through her natural selection to reforming old or existing materials within her grasp, and reconstruct them into something completely unexpected yet marvellous.

Embellished by the artist’s exploration

Today, Nikole’s privileged access to master craftsmen, historical archives and long valued artisanal techniques has enriched her work, combining playful experimentation with her desire to freezing the unseen into form. As she works on one piece, ideas are flourishing for the next by embracing the guidance of her collection of materials, always taking traditional techniques into the realms of experimentation. Old and new become one.