The hands have a precious and spiritual life. They have their own eyes, and a soul. They are determined, virtuous and refined. They have the innate taste of beauty and the power to transform the ordinary into Sublime.

"Your hands know things that your mind doesn’t. That's where style is born."

Nikole Tursi is an Argentine designer who has completely surrendered her passion and life to art.
 She magnificently distinguishes herself from others by searching for beauty from a unique and creative place, always keeping elegance in mind.
 She plays with different types of universes through the vast array of materials and techniques she utilizes in her works, combining them both to create masterpieces.
 Her level of dedication, as well as her love for the art of designing, is clearly reflected in her pieces, which never seem to go unnoticed. As a result, in 2017,  she was given a position at the Teatro Colón, one of the most important opera houses of the world.

Everything is created to be the favorites in the dressing room of each person who acquires them. Nikole's client is the one who knows how to admire this passion and love behind each piece.
Discovering that the description of her work adapts in harmony with the legend of "Slow Fashion", she is  visualizing a world where people choose to dress with wearable art. Beginning in the headpiece, to the dress, shoes, or accessories. Nikole creates the perfect match.

Creator of one-of -a-kind handmade pieces

Every single piece is created with the uttermost precise attention to detail, and as a classic and timeless piece resulting in a unique species and identity.

Each model begins taking shape through experimenting with uncommon materials, later to be fused with raw, untreated fabrics. Working with both new and old tools and techniques, molded and transformed into a unique piece of art.