My mission is to return the forgotten value to handmade pieces.

Creating wardrobe favourites out of sustainable fabrications and techniques, I hope to reshape the way people perceive and wear clothes.

I hold a timelessness concept, embracing personal style over trends. Working in the direction of a positive and permanent change in the fashion industry, I strive to preserve and promote the fresh and innovative use of traditional handwork. I am willing to influence the collective consciousness towards extending the life of garments, by reducing industrial waste and returning to the appreciation of craftsmanship.

Thinking and creating beyond any rules, the frontiers between fashion, costume and art are transcended.

Nikole Tursi is an Argentine artist who constantly allows herself to play with art and its infinite forms of expression. She has manifested her aesthetics through diverse creative mediums: from fashion to theatre, film, set design, opera & ballet.

Captivated by how boundaries disappeared when it came to shapes, materials or volumes, Nikole began a journey where artisanal and innovation intertwine to reveal the authentic uniqueness of the handmade.

After acquiring costume wisdom and the secrets behind the scenes at the Teatro Colón Opera House in Buenos Aires, Nikole found herself the opportunity to expand her frontiers and moved to London in 2019.

Nikole is actively working at the Royal Opera House and Burberry, giving her the flexibility to keep focused on her business as well as growing her experience.

She was selected by the Crafts Council as one of their talents and is now a member of the British Hat Guild.

Nikole was awarded by Comité Colbert (France) & UNESCO in recognition and support of the craft trade.

This award gave her a privileged access to master-craftsmen, historical archives and long valued artisanal techniques that has not only enriched her work and allowed her to develop immeasurable new ideas and knowledge for her future in wearable art, but also grew in Nikole the necessity to inspire and show the value of craft in our history, culture, today and how it will appear to us in our future world.