The Hands have a precious and spiritual life. They have their own eyes, and a soul. They are determined, virtuous and refined. They have the innate taste of beauty and the power to transform the ordinary into Sublime.

Embroidering the Essence

My vision is focused on rediscovering the ability of the human hand to create treasurable pieces, and the true essence of the artisanal. The beauty revealed in the moment when the soul of the artisan is expressed and becomes engraved in the artistic creation. I intend to reshape the way people perceive and wear clothes. I believe that in the realm of fine craftsmanship, objects absorb life from their creator, and this is what charms its holder. The wisdom behind it penetrates deep under the skin and perception of the wearer.

The greater Sense

I hold a timelessness concept, embracing personal style over trends. By creating beautiful objects of lasting value, I work in the direction of a positive and permanent change in the fashion industry. I strive to preserve and promote the fresh and innovative use of traditional handwork, hoping to influence the collective consciousness towards extending the life of garments, by reducing industrial waste and returning to the appreciation of true fashion design.

Unveiling a labour of Love

As I try to find an equilibrium in the dialogue between my ideas and my hands, I am constantly exploring to stretch any rule, transforming my studio into a laboratory, where being process-led is the source of my practice. By allowing each piece to develop in its own direction, I’m in continuous experimentation and progress, where the innovation in textile combinations is the main character. These fusions can be born from the finest fabric with an abandoned element, therein lies the value of an unrepeatable material.

Mostly, my pieces are made to measure, making sure that each design will carefully suit the wearer, both in style and size. Each piece emanates a sense of freedom, where textures, forms, dimensions and aesthetic join in a melodic silhouette. I enjoy playing with the translucency of the materials and the impact the reflection of light or shadow will have on the skin of the wearer. Predominantly adopting black, I look to soften the boundaries of my pieces, drawing lines that shape a harmonious effect and give a sense of movement, growth and ever-expanding.

The highlight of my pieces is the intense attention to detail - from the inside to the outside. From the finest hand finishing of the inner lining, right through to the outer packaging, there is always a connection, either through the same materiality or perhaps the techniques adopted.

I find myself bounded to the piece I’m creating, introducing unconventional designs and an extraordinary touch that separates the ideas from the mainstream. Thinking and creating beyond established social norms, the frontiers between fashion, costume and fine art are transcended.